Morningside Drive Dental Practice


Morningside Drive Dental

The Challenge

Morningside Drive Dental Practice needed to carefully target a number of specific age groups and types of potential new patients in the surrounding area, by raising awareness of the range of treatments available, the specific location of the practice and how to get in touch, either by telephone or visiting the website.

The Solution

We created a database by using a postcode and demographic search. Working closely with Malcolm and Debbie, the owners of the Practice, we are in the process of designing and producing a mail piece to highlight the primary sevices of the practice, the friendly and professional nature of the staff and the convenience of the location, with a strong call to action.

The Result

We will update this story in due course, but we are confident that by combining our experience and enthusiasm, we will produce a cost-effective direct mail campaign, that will bring real results by increasing patient numbers.