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What Makes Us Tick?

First impressions are really important. Your chance to shine can be over before it begins, so your introduction has to be good, and making that connection with your customers is key.

We can help you say ‘hello’ to your customers. It’s what we do and we’re very good at it.

We have been offering a fully integrated mail, print, postage and data management service for over 15 years now and we’ve seen a lot of changes. But one thing that has remained constant is our passion for what we do.

We can put anything in an envelope and that includes our heart and soul on occasions. We have moved with the times, and sometimes been moved by them, so meeting the next challenge head on is what really makes us tick.

The only thing that’s missing from our next successful project, is you.

What We Do

First of all, what we don’t do is over complicate the idea of introducing you to your customers. The clue is in our name. We’re in the business of coming up with great solutions, not showing you lists of equipment or complicated flow charts demonstrating project management strategies.

What we can do, is pretty much anything to achieve the result you want.  We know our stuff, work brilliantly as a team and involve you as much or a little as you wish. We think smart, work efficiently and get the job done, on time and on budget.

We’ll tell you up front what it will cost, we prepare it for press, put the ink on the paper, the paper in the envelope and the envelope in the post. We guarantee the best price on postage, deliver really smart data solutions and we have a creative department on hand, should you need it.

The Team

The Team


  • Kwik Fit
  • Jewson
  • Standard Life
  • Stirling Council
  • Saint-goban
  • Nissan
  • SFS
  • Corgi Home Plan
  • Edinburgh Uni
  • House of Hearing
  • Lucas
  • Breast Cancer Care Scotland
  • We were delighted with the mailing process around The Show mailing, which was incredibly smooth, looked brilliant, and definitely made our lives a lot easier in the office (not having to manually stuff 2000 envelopes was brilliant!) Thank you again for your kind support and assistance.

    Breast Cancer Care Scotland
  • Thank you to you and your team for your assistance with our Annual Report and Notice of AGM mailing process

    Wolfson Microelectronics
  • PM Solutions have been fantastic! Really helpful and offer great service

    House of Hearing