Corgi Home Plan


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Corgi HomePlan is a major player in the domestic gas boiler maintenance market here in Britain. Over the past few years we have helped them to implement several mail-marketing campaigns throughout the UK, with each mailing required within a very limited time frame.

Initially, we carry out the necessary data preparation to ensure that the correct data is tied in with the appropriate outer, letterhead, letter content and insert type. Each time, we source all base stock including envelopes, letterheads, inserts and postcards, then personalise and fulfil. Crucially, we secure the best possible postage discounts by mail-sorting all items.

Ultimately, we print, enclose and mail all items on a daily basis and secure full postal discounts across the board. Quite a result in terms of savings, with a highly successful take-up rate. A win-win situation for Corgi HomePlan.


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