Parsley Box Ltd.

Delivering Pre-prepared Meals

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A Direct Mail Marketing Campaign:

Parsley Box Ltd offer their customers quicker, easier and safer ways of enjoying food. Direct Mail, combined with press advertising, is a major factor in driving growth in their business.

Parsley Box commenced mailing to their 27,000 clients with PM Solutions on a quarterly basis and, shortly after, requested to mail a Christmas Card to their full customer base which had now grown to 40,000.

parsley box meals to your door marketing envelope and message

The Marketing Solutions Supplied:

A consultation between PM Solutions and Royal Mail presented an incentive to Parsley Box which would offer them a 35% reduction in postage charges.

PM Solutions also suggested a festive spirit to the outer envelope, enhancing the mail piece using the Royal Mail I-TRACKER software. These were designed and printed, with full personalisation included.

Christmas cards were supplied by Parsley Box for insertion and all items were inserted and mailed within 2 working days.

Client Comment:

“With a response rate expected of between 1% and 4%, we were delighted to achieve an amazing response rate of 9.48%. Our customer base has since grown further to around 80,000.

Direct mail is working well for us as a main channel, due to our average customer age being 75+.”


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