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Scaramanga are an original lifestyle brand, handcrafting classic leather bags and supplying unique vintage furniture for over 10 years.

The original enquiry was to mail their 40pp brochure to approximately 11,000 recipients. We quickly advised that a smaller page count of 32pp would bring the pack weight under 100grams for postage, instantly offering them a large saving per item. The difference between a mailpiece being under 100grams or over 100grams can be up to 50%, so there are substantial savings to be had by reducing the weight.

Artwork arrived needing adjustments for printing. We were able to offer advice which allowed the client to rectify most of the issues themselves. We then re-sized the remaining few pages at no additional cost to ensure that all pages were correct throughout.

Essentially, we used our expertise and experience to ensure that our client received the best quality items at the best possible price, in the required timescale. From receipt of original artwork, we produced and mailed within 7 working days. Quite a result and a huge saving overall.


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