Combining data and graphics to mail to your customers.

What does this mean for your direct mail marketing campaign?

When running a direct mail marketing campaign for our clients, we understand the need to only target the right message to the right recipient, tailormade to the individual and the data will reflect this in the form of personalised content, illustrating the unique relationship between the sender and the receiver.

We can source or cleanse data (mailing lists) to any requirement. Whether you would like to mail for the first time or have an existing database that you would like us to cleanse, we have the resources to facilitate. We are fully GDPR compliant with the data and all the information is kept securely and safely away from unauthorised access.

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What we do

We can check your existing data against national registers for a various of list reasons, then suppress those records so that you don’t waste money mailing unnecessarily. We can check for:

  • Deceased - The Deceased Register (TDR) and The Bereavement Register (TBR)
  • Gone away – people who have moved
  • MPS – mail preference service (people who have requested to be removed from any lists and not receive any unsolicited direct mail)
  • Duplications
  • General addressing accuracy
  • Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF) - every address in the UK

PM Solutions offers data processing solutions ranging from general tidying of supplied data, to deduplication of records and reporting/correction of invalid postcodes. Once cleansed, we use your data combined with your graphics to produce the output that will be mailed to your customers.

Your data is protected: we offer a secure file transfer location to receive and return your data which can only be accessed by you, ensuring your peace of mind that your data is safe with us.

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Data Management Services

  • Merge many data files into one complete file
  • Programming solutions in-house to solve data problems
  • Verify and capture data
  • Standardising layout
  • Cleanse Mailsort
  • Advice on Data Management

Our Services

  • Data Processing Solutions
  • Daily Transactional Mailing Service
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Complete Print & Mailing Solution
  • Fulfilment & Mailing
  • Postal Advice

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