Direct Mail is still important as ever in a successful Marketing Campaign.

Is Direct Mail Still Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

Many businesses have scaled back their Direct Marketing believing it is not necessarily required in the digital-first market space. Research has shown however that receiving mail is still a real force when it comes to increasing customer acquisition. In fact, it has been shown that the response rate for Direct Mail is superior to that based on digital campaigns and with a well thought out strategy Direct Mail can complement and enhance your digital marketing campaign.

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Personalising your messaging is an effective pathway to help improve your direct marketing campaign. Tapping into your online platform will allow you to access different segments and target your mailing accordingly.


Each segment of your audience should have different content which can be broken down into age, gender and/or occupation. For multiple customers in the same market sector mail them content that directly correlates with their job. From here you should be looking at preferences as some may be product led and others influenced by promotions and special deals.

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The target audience location is utilised to boost lead generation and conversion rates by digital marketeers. With customers categorized by their location you will enhance brand awareness and repeat purchase behaviour. If your selling seasonal products and services, then this is particularly useful as you can promote summer goods in one area whilst advertising the winter ones in another.


Direct mail marketing is used to establish relationships on a personal level with customers. Send customers invitations to special events or specific product launches and use this as a platform to make tie-ups between your brand and the designated area. By using a powerful direct marketing message, you will stand out on the doormat amongst utility bills and other run of the mill solicitations.


Making the right connections through Direct Mail will help build relationships. From your customer database you have access to personal information including date of birth. By using this information, you can send out birthday mailings and with personalisation offer a promotion that extends through the month of the birthday. Another approach would be to send a special mailing that relates to the anniversary of their initial purchase.

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Client interaction has many touch points whether it be through the website, social media, or a face-to-face visit to the shop. Capture these interactions to ensure the content you are sending them is tailored to individual categories:

- Initial purchase online
- First time physical visit to the shop
- Repeat customers over a specific time period

This enables you to build a picture of each journey through the sales funnel and also target them with the relevant messaging.

In summary there are a number of different ways to leverage your customer data for direct marketing purposes. It is all about understanding how to interpret and apply the existing data effectively.

PM Solutions have a long and successful track record when it comes to Direct Mail. Get in touch with our experienced team to discuss your next campaign and find out more about how we can help.

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