Physical Mail Is Still So Important

Research shows that physical mail is often more trusted than its digital counterpart.


Back in March 2020, the whole world seemed to change overnight. Covid-19 has impacted all our lives in so many ways and continues to do so.

For many businesses, these are tough times with tough decisions and, unsurprisingly, marketing budgets are under keen scrutiny. Digital channels are perceived to be more targeted, more easily analysed, faster and cheaper. For many they are the conclusion, regardless of the question.

What’s powering digitisation is really a desire for measurable return. Every business wants to know what they are getting back for each pound they spend. However, the limits of these channels are becoming clearer: 2 in 5 people have reported suffering digital burnout and consumers crave real, ‘human’ interaction. Research shows that physical mail is often more trusted than its digital counterpart. It feels as though the company is friendly and cares.

It’s often too easy to focus on short-term ROI rather than the potential greater profit that could be achieved longer-term. This is where mail can really deliver.

Business decision makers now recognise the value of using mail and intend to increase spend.

graphs highlighting the importance of direct mail

  • The average item of mail is interacted with 4.5 times and reach is up 4% since the beginning of the pandemic, both of which are at their highest level ever
  • Mail is a valuable tool for driving traffic online, with a 10% increase year on year
  • Engagement with mail is higher than ever at 96%
  • The biggest rise in engagement with mail came from those aged 18 to 34

Mail has proven its effectiveness as work and life patterns have changed throughout the pandemic, it has come to the fore as a key part of the marketing mix. As we continue to spend more time at home, its ability to reach and engage audiences offers huge potential for marketers.

Hopefully the pandemic will end soon, but remote working is likely to continue for a lot of us for quite some time. As the shift to online shopping continues, businesses and brands will need to work harder than ever to reach out and stand out.

At PM Solutions, we can help you to get the most from your budget to maximise your long-term ROI. Continually investing in the latest technology and highly skilled operators, we have been experts in our field for over 25 years.

Covid-19 has caused an undeniable disruption to the economy this year, making it necessary for many businesses to rethink their marketing strategy. We understand the ever-changing needs of our clients in these uncertain times and are always on hand to offer advice & support.

graphs highlighting the importance of direct mail

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