Direct Mailing Remains a Force in the Digital Business Landscape

News | Jul 10, 2018

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Even when emails provide the most convenient and quickest way to communicate, sending direct mail still plays a significant role in the business landscape.

Research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) showed that direct mail outperforms email.

  • Generates 4.4% response rate
  • Generates 10% more customers
  • Influences 79% of consumers to act immediately

Mail is kept for extended periods, creating a constant presence in the home.

graphic showing how long mail is kept in the home and what type

Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Ethnographic Quant, Trinity McQueen, 2014

In their 2018 Direct Mail Annual Report “New Currency for Mail,” JICMAIL also revealed numbers that back the stats above.

Based on the direct mail activity of around 1,000 households, the Joint Industry Committee discovered that 57.1% of households opened direct mail and only 26% threw it away or recycled it. 27% of direct mail also remained “live” within the recipient’s home even after 28 days.

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The numbers are the same in other parts of the globe.

A neuromarketing study conducted by the Canada Post and Ipsos Global Market Research revealed even more amazing facts.

Integrating direct mail with digital advertising increases response rates by twice as much. The study measured emotional response for more predictive insights.

  • Integrated direct mail and digital campaigns resulted in 5% more arousal and 10% higher brand recall
  • When an email was followed by direct mail, arousal peaked at 26% and brand recall reached 40%

Given these numbers, direct mail should definitely be included in any marketing campaign, even if its analytics can be tricky. If you're already using email, direct, and transactional mail marketing, stay the course. You're definitely on the right track.

Direct Mailing and the Millennials

One of the reasons that many believed direct mail to be dead was because of the millennial generation. Because most of them are influenced and persuaded by digital marketing, direct mails have generally only been directed to the older generations.

However, a United States Postal Service (USPS) report showed that 87% of millennials like to receive direct mail.And the good news for business owners?

  • 77% of them react to direct mail advertising
  • 92% are influenced by direct mail

It is a general sentiment that email promotions have a disingenuous and impersonal feel. In the UK, 70% complained of receiving too many emails, resulting in 57% of abandoned email addresses and a decline in email effectiveness.

How to make direct mail work for your business

  • Track data and analytics. Measure realistic metrics, such as response rate, and make improvements where needed. Know when and where to send direct mails to get the most results.
  • Integrate it with digital campaigns. Send an email followed by a direct mail to increase emotional response and brand recall. You should also tie direct mail with social media.

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