Transactional Direct Mail Campaigns to Grow Your Business

News | Apr 11, 2018

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We understand your dilemma – direct mail can be quite complex. Therefore, we have spent years to develop a system that is guaranteed to produce results. You can leverage this system that we developed in order to position your business as a leader in your industry.

Transactional Mail Types and How They Can Help

If you think that this method of marketing is an unnecessary additional expense for your business, do reconsider. These are the ways in which you can use transactional mailing as a way to boost your business reach:

  • Order Receipts: This is the most common type of transaction mails that are sent by companies to customers. Oftentimes, it is sent when a customer places an order or subscribes for a service. Aside from providing confirmation for the order or subscription, use additional call-to-action messages in the mail. This CTA can further push your marketing campaign. For example, encourage your customer to join a rewards club or offer them an exclusive coupon to encourage additional purchase.
  • Thank You: Did you receive a new order? Did a customer renew their subscription? Whatever action that the customer has done that is favourable to your business, always take the time to send a "thank you" mail. The customer will appreciate it. And you can use this as an opportunity to upsell or ask for their feedback, which will help you streamline your business further. "Thank you" mails are also a good way to encourage customers to choose your company again in the future.
  • Account Statements: Depending on your type of business, account statements are one of the most common transaction mails you are likely to send via the post. These are different from an invoice since an account statement tends to be more comprehensive. They are also a suitable way for your customers to get an overview of the relationship that they have built with your company. Account statements encourage trust as well and show your level of attention to detail in caring for your customers’ information.
  • Terms and Conditions: Did you recently update your company’s terms and conditions? Are there any changes to the business agreement that you want your customers to know about? This is another example of how you can use direct transaction mails to smoothen communications with your clients and to level up your credibility in their eyes.

Your Reliable Transactional Mail Service Provider!

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At PM Solutions, we take pride in our transactional mailing service. We have developed a proven strategy that we recommend and tailor for every client. Hence, you can find a mailing template that works for your business and goals. If you want to learn more about what strategies we use for transactional mails that would suit your business, you can email us at You can also reach us by dialling 01314403525.

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